Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting the ball rolling

This past week as really our first full week of homeschooling.

We did phonics: learning sounds for "oo" "C" vs. "K" and "Y" girls glued buttons on for double o's in boo, poo, boot, shoot book, look, took. We made OO's with our hands as we talked about what words have the double O.

We did math: we are making a collective book with clear pockets attached and the kids put in the correct number of mini pom poms. We put together the October calender. Claire helped cut out the pieces and put them on in order. We did number 10 day Monday- they had to do various things with ten items including build a tower 10 blocks tall. We did the O's (cereal) guessing many O's do I have in my hand? No more than 5, no less than 11 etc. Another game with O's where I flash a small handful and ask how many after I close my hand.

We worked on penmanship: how to hold a pencil. How to make loops-- i.e. for a cursive e or l, how to begin a letter by starting on the line. I also did a few cursive demos so they could get the idea of connected flowing script.

Science: we read books about bugs.

Literature: we listened to the first half of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Roll play: we played shopping. I cleaned everything out of the car (7 bags full)and dumped in on the kitchen floor to sort it and told them they could buy whatever they wanted. They kept asking how much various items cost and giving me imaginary money while I sorted out everything and put it away.

Hygiene and Chores: Emily brushed my wet hair Claire brushed Emily's wet hair and her own. Claire has been regularly washing off the kitchen table and helping to clear the dishes. Emily sorted laundry she found all the kids socks and separated them out. Claire put some of her laundry in her drawers and folded wash cloths.

Art: Painting on large plain newsprint with tempera freestyle- no instruction. Claire decided to fill the entire page with various colors. Emily layered various colors on top on each other in one area of the page.
Claire drew a sun and butterfly.
Drawing on brown paper bags.

Craft: girls glued tissue paper in various colors to a glass jar and squeezed glitter glue on top.

Bible verse: Matthew 28:20

Manners: Working on using napkins for wiping fingers and face.


  1. Well, it sounds like a busy Mom and the girls had a most successful, enriching curriculum. Way to go, Jen! Having the girls help with the laundry and other tasks is a great start at learning responsibility and being part of a cooperating family.

  2. I looked up the Bible verse. All your lessons sound very inspiring. What a great learning environment and teacher for the girls.

  3. Exciting! Have you seen this free online cursive writing resource?:

  4. Are you sure they aren't too young for C.S. Lewis?

  5. I printed out some cursive practice pages from the above mentioned website and slipped them into a plastic sleeve. Claire loves using the dry erase markers so much she has been willing to do some cursive practice. We had to take a break for a week because she was so fed up with it initially.